Saturday, January 25, 2014

Craigslist Auto Ad Renew

For those who use Craigslist as their way to promote a products, then "Craigslist Ad Renew" is something you need to check out. A powerful Craigslist software tool that saves me hours of time and will do the same for you!

For me, there’s no other website that can give me the targeted leads, traffic, or profit that Craigslist can. Without a doubt, using Craigslist can help you get leads and make money.

A couple years ago, Craigslist introduced a way to “renew” ads instead of deleting and reposting an ad. If you regularly use Craigslist, you know that in order to renew your ads, you have to login to your Craigslist account and then click on each “renew” link in order to renew your ads. 

That can become quite tedious and time consuming, especially if you have dozens or even hundreds of ads to renew, like I do. I got tired of repeatedly having to login to Craigslist just to click a few links to renew my ads. Even though it’s only a few seconds out of my day, I know those seconds add up over time.

Below is a short video for you to see how it work in real time. If you think that this is something that interest you, then here is the link "Craigslist Auto Ad" on how to get one. See how this work in action.

Article Source: Craigslist Auto Ad

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