Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Create As Many PVA Accounts As You Want! Craigslist Secret Reveal.

I am about to reveal to you my secrets to success through the use of Craigslist PVA’s. As you already know we are going to utilize a blackhat method to obtain PVA accounts with no upfront cost. So lets get started… 

Setting up the Proxy 

  • First off we are going to need to set up our proxies to enable us to change our IP address with ease. The reason for this is that Craigslist will catch on if you create too many accounts with the same IP, which will lead to headaches unless you make the accounts correctly in the first place. 

You can download FoxyProxy here

  • Now this program is an addon to the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. So if you use a different browser, I suggest you download Firefox for PVA creation. It is much easier. I believe there is a program similar to FoxyProxy that works with Internet Explorer.
  • We are now going to load the FoxyProxy addon with several IP addresses. Here is a good tutorial on how to set up the proxies.

  • Now you need to decide how dedicated you are going to be with this. There are plenty of free proxy lists out there to use. But I have found that for every good proxy, there is a bad one. Here are some good lists of proxies I have been using.

*Take my word and do not use the IP’s with ports of 3127 or 3128. These tend to be connected to a Princeton proxy server that does not allow the creation of Craigslist accounts using it.

You are going to load these IP addresses and Port numbers into the FoxyProxy addon as shown in the tutorial. Options/Add New Proxy/Proxy Details is where this is done. 

If you plan on getting serious with this I suggest you invest in some Proxies that you have to pay monthly for. They work better and you will not have to deal with slow connections or bad proxies. This is an affordable websites for that… 


  • Gmail Account Creation 
We are now ready to mass create gmail accounts. Go to the Gmail homepage and click Sign Up for Gmail. Fill out the information with different names. Keep records of these accounts using a program like Notepad or Word, you will need them later.

Then go to Craigslist and create an account there with the email address you just made. Go back to your email account and confirm your signup with Craigslist.

Now simply switch your IP address with the FoxyProxy addon we set up earlier and repeat this process as needed. After you have the Gmail accounts set up we are ready to put on our blackhats and phone verify them.

  • Phone Verification of Gmail Accounts 
We are now going to use a blackhat technique to get the verification codes that match up with the corresponding phone numbers. You are going to need 1 PVA account initially to use this technique.

Log into your PVA and go to the Women Seeking Men Category in a high traffic city like NY or Boston. I usually post in the NSA section. Our objective now is to post an Ad as a lonely women looking to talk on the phone. You can get creative here to maximize the responces you get but here is one that I use: 

Subject: The Mets are getting pounded 

Johan looked good tonight though, even with the 3 earned runs. I am so happy the weather is getting nicer and baseball is here. 
I guess you can say I'm a sports girl, been a Met fan all my life. I am looking for an older man I can really connect with. Anyone up for talking on the phone? 

The key when making this type of post is to sound legitimate and believeable to the men who are going to respond.

Your inbox sure enough will fill up with emails. Some will leave you their phone number, others will not.

In another tab open up one of the Craigslist accounts we set up earlier.

I am now going to teach you how to obtain the authentication codes with ease…

The idea is to have these people be expecting a call from you. This will get you the most PVA’s. As a general rule (and this is important) we are going to always use the most recent phone number sent to us in the emails.

Ie. If you have a phone number from 12:34am, another from 11:21pm and the time now is 12:36am, we are going to use the number from the 12:34am email in this next step.

Go back to Craigslist and attempt to post in the adult section. You will then be prompted to authenticate your account by phone. Proceed and type in the phone number from your latest email. Select the Text option to have the verification code sent to our mark via text (almost everyone texts these days and this method seems to work a lot better than voice verification). After the code is sent go back to Gmail and reply to that particular person’s email:

Hey Jim/Bob/Bill. I just need you to do me a quick favor first. I need to phone verify my craigslist account to show I am human lol. But my stupid brother did it already with my phone once before. Can you send me the code that you just got via text? I really appreciate this, I owe you big. Im gonna call you right after to thank you! and talk of course.

You will be astonished by the amount of codes that are emailed back to you. You can easily verify 20-40 accounts an hour like this.

For all of the emails you got with no phone number you reply:

Hey its Brittney/Cassandra/Michelle. Lets talk today.....what's your number?

You will also begin to accumilate emails with phone numbers that are not recent. Therefore they probably are not expecting your call. For all of those simply reply:

Call now?

If you do all this you will have plenty of recent emails with telephone numbers. These people are the most likely to send you the code back so keep repeating this process.

Each code is associated with that particular phone number and could be used to verify any account you created. So if you get more than one code send to you using the same Craigslist account, no worries, just apply the code to a different one.

*Important* Craigslist is constantly coming up with ways to make our lives as online marketers harder. Their latest tactic has been revoking the authentication from accounts that have already been phone verified. To counter this you are going to need to make 1 post with all of your accounts that you created. This will ensure that they will still be there in the morning ; ).

You are now prepared to make PVA’s on your own! The money making potential with this method is endless. Thank you for your time and business. -fannystice

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