Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Craigslist Ad Flagged Proof Technique

There is no single answer but the same thing happens to me. After taking a closer look at this for a while I have come to this conclusion. CL is really cracking down on similar content now, not just duplicate content. If I place 2 similar ads in the same region many but not all ads get deleted. The more similar ads I place in the same region the more get deleted. I suspect that they are removing a certain ad count for each violation. Let say you violate the similar content in the same region once they remove 10 ads, violate it 3 times they remove 30 ads. I have been posting on CL since it went national and always found a way around their CL police but things are getting real bad now. There is a brand new product that I am sharing because it works and it works very well. You can post hundreds of ads within minutes daily. Getting your ads flagged sucks! If you didn’t know that lots of times it is other marketers actually flagging your ads! Check this out."CL Traffic Bananas"

Check out this short video and get some quick tips:


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