Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Using VPN to post multiple ads in craigslist

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Craigslist: First, you know that craigslist is the most popular classified ads website in the world, thy have more than 3 million visitor per day and more than 90 million page views every day there is a lot of classified ads websites in the world, a lot of us use backpage, olx, classifiedads....ets, but why we must use craigslist ,see this Statistics:
                                       Daily Visitors:                               3,318,000 
                                       Daily Pageviews:                          91,576,800
                                       Daily visitors from USA:               3,092,376 visitors(93.2%)
                                       Daily Visitors:                                  264,600
                                       Daily Pageviews:                           6,773,760
                                       Daily visitors from USA:               185,485 visitors(70.1%)

                                      Daily Visitors:                                119,700
                                      Daily Pageviews:                           406,980

                                     Daily Visitors:                                 56,700
                                     Daily Pageviews:                            391,230

NOTE: you can use www.statscrop.com to be sure

So you can see that craigslist is the most popular classified ad website in the world Especially in USA.
If you post an ad in craigslist you will get more visitor, and you will get a lott of Buyers and Customers:

12 times more than backpage.com
24 times more than olx.com
48 times more than classifiedads.com

But the big problem that craigslist have some Terms :
-You can't post more than 2 or 3 ads in the same time with one account.
-You mast have a fresh IP to avoid the phone verification.
So no one can post more than 2 or 3 ads with one IP, but some pepole do this? some pepole post A large number of ads, How do they do this?

Solution: "Virtual Private Network" or VPN. VPN is a service encrypts your connection and provides you with an anonymous IP to protect your privacy.
A lot off theme use a VPN servers to get a new fresh IPs and post a lot of ads in the same time In the most popular cities of USA.
*I have tried a lot of VPN softwares and paid VPN and anonymous proxy but I failed?
A lot of people do this, me to, I also failed, because all this VPN softwares and paid VPN are shared (used before) and a lot
of pepole use theme on craigslist so What is the VPN that you should buy?
to get a fresh IP (VPN server) you must purchase -Dedicated IP-, dedicated VPN is an exclusive, No one use it before.
You can purchase a shared IP for 3$ or 4$/month but be sure that you Will fail to avoid the craigslist phone verification.
*Where can I find Dedicated IP (Dedicated VPN)?
There is a lot of website where you can purchase dedicated VPN, it cost 20$, 21$ 24$ per month, Some of them cost more than 40$/month, but
Why buy service at this price, 
Is not there at lower prices?Yes, Personally I prefer using this service, less price and best features VPN service recommended:
  • Features :   Dedicated IP, Unlimited Traffic, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and more features. Check FAQ for more information.
  • Choose location from:14 available countries USA, UK, CANADA ......
  • prices: Dedicated ip cost 15$ but now 11.25$/month (Holiday offer), 108.75$/year.
  • I prefer this service because i can post ads in Los Angeles and Ney Work (High population density) with good price.
I personally like the "PrivateInternetAccess.com". For just $6.95 a month I can anonymously surf the internet with peace of mind.

VPN service
Your PC
Dallas, Texas
Private Internet Access
New IP:
Switzerland Swiss VPN

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